Inspired by early R&B and Rock legends of the '60s, '70s and '80s, Bahku grew up banging on the piano intended for his older sister's lessons. Using an old tennis racket as a guitar, he would pretend he was Brian Wilson or Jimi Hendrix, and swoon along with the radio or his favorite 45s for hours on end. He cultivated his silky-smooth vocals and unique self-taught guitar style while playing in various bands from Maine to Florida to Reno, covering genres that included Top 40, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, Blues, CCM, and Gospel.

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Bahku, (and surprise guest artists), will be in the studio this year, working hard to put the finishing touches on the CD album, set for release on December 15, 2021, with two CD singles to debut prior, beginning with the September 2021 release of "Filipina Girl" ... so please stay tuned!

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​CD Single - Sept 2021

Keep the love alive ... watch for the September 2021 release of the hit R&B/Soul single "Filipina Girl". ** New! Intro snippet just posted on page four! **

"The internet is seething with hatred today, sadly ... say what you wish to say, do what you wish to do, make the path you wish to make - THAT is what has been afforded each of us in this wonderful country, and I will stand up for your right to do so, whether I agree with you or NOT, (as I would expect the same consideration in return). If you use HATEFUL means to say or do or make the path you wish to make, I for one, will no longer be listening, nor will I stand up for those rights, because as soon as hatred is part of the equation, ALL of the integrity and substance and strength is gone from your argument. If it can't be said without hatred or harmful intent, then it should not be said at ALL. The only things worth listening to are those things said with intelligence and consideration and purpose, but there is NO substance or integrity with animosity, and hatred's ONLY purpose is to feed itself and cause harm. Take the low road and you'll get stuck in the mud of ignorance and confusion, take the high road and people will LISTEN."

                                                                                              - Bahku

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