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Bahku apologizes for the delays in release dates, but due to health and family issues, it has been unavoidable. However, he is back in the studio and back on track, so please visit the web site or FaceBook page to stay up-to-date.

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Bahku delivers an authentic, polished soul sound with a smooth taste of 80's rock and R&B. For almost four decades, Bahku has honed his artful and unique style in bands and venues across the country, covering almost every genre, (both live on stage and as a studio session guitarist), but always returning to that soulful rhythm and blues center that has held his heart since early-on. He began writing songs as a teenager, and even those early tunes reflected the positive, up-beat sound and message that still dominates his style and sound today. Bahku believes that "music is the universal language of the soul", and strives to speak that language from his heart.

Come ... dance in the rain with me!

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Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s, 70's and '80s, Bahku grew up singing along with his radio, and would often replace the lyrics he heard being sung with those of his own, that more readily reflected his feelings and beliefs. If music be the language of the soul, then he would strive to speak that language as fluently and honestly as he could ... and that remains his songwriting and performing motivation to this day.

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